Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day on the Peninsula

Well this has been a very interesting week. Full of stormy weather and snow, not as much as Spokane ended up with, but enough to cause quite a mess. The roads became very slick with the snow pack and on Thursday it took me 5 hours to make my 25 minute drive home because of all the traffic, accidents, and ice. I thought I would put up a few pictures of our yard for everyone to see.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Thanksiving Trip 2008

We had a wonderful trip to see Chris' family for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we forgot our camera and had to resort to disposable camera's for our trip. We have a few good pictures and are still waiting for more to be developed.
This is a picture of Chris and Riley (his niece) on Thanksgiving Day. This was after he returned from the fishing trip with the guys at Eagle Lake, CA. Where out of 9 men who went fishing the only person to catch a fish was the 6 year old with the Spiderman fishing pole. Below is a picture of Bryson with his catch.
Robbie and CJ came and visited us for the holiday since we were in town. Robbie was Chris's best man for our wedding and we had not seen him since the wedding. It was fun to have them in town and to get to know them better. They had some very big news because they are now engaged to be married! Yay for Robbie and CJ!

This is a picture of Linda's (mom) new home in Silver Springs, NV. We made it over to see her on Friday to have another Thanksgiving dinner. It was a very nice weekend.

This was taken after we finished eating dinner on Friday. On another exciting note from our trip, Dan and Suzy announced their engagement to the family on Thursday. I tried to get pictures of that announcement but I don't think they turned out... They are planning on getting married mid march of 2009. I will have pictures to follow from our trip to Virginia City, NV on Saturday. It was a great trip and we are excited to see the family again in March and then we hope to make it down to California again. Hopefully it will not take another 1 and 1/2 years to make it down there.