Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 Months

Emma Lee is 11 months old today! A few stats about her at 11 months.

Is walking
Eating what we eat
Has started weaning herself - still wants to nurse all night however
Has slept 2 nights in a toddler bed
loves to chase Matthew around
climbing on everything she can
A funny girl with a great sense of humor
Loves the "I'm gonna get you" game
Says, "Mamma, Dadda, Grandpa, thank you, and tries I'm gonna get you"
She loves wearing her shoes
Will only walk in the opposite direction than we want to go
Stubborn and strong willed
Loves to give kisses and high fives

I am constantly amazed by this baby girl, she is so much fun. She is full of spunk and personality, she is fearless and tries to do everything. She is a great imitator.

We have been so blessed to have her in our family, and I love her more than words can say!

Happy 11 Months Emma!!