Friday, May 31, 2013

Vitamin D

So I found out today that I have a super low level of vitamin D. I also found out how important it is!

I went and had my yearly physical and expressed to the doctor how I always feel tired, have lots of headaches and have just felt blah... It can almost be described as a depressed feeling, but I am not depressed. She decided to do some blood work and check my Thyroid, blood counts, liver and kidney function among other things to see if there would be some explanation. I was just glad someone FINALLY listened to me and didn't just blame it on kids and stress.

 I was relieved and excited to get the results today, all my blood counts and levels are perfect except for my Vitamin D which is at like a 10.5 and normal is between 30 and 100. The next 8 weeks I will be taking a crazy amount of a supplement, I believe it is 50,000 IU capsule once a week, then they will do another blood test and make sure it brought me up to a normal level.

They said a low Vitamin D level could be causing ALL of my symptoms (including the digestive ones and the inability to loose the baby weight), that seems crazy to me, but I am so excited it is not something more serious. I am really hoping to start feeling better soon. From what I have read I will start feeling the effects in a few weeks (as long as I don't get the crazy side effects from the high dosage) and people have also said they felt like they got their life back. I really PRAY that this will be that answer for me!