Monday, April 25, 2011

Matthew's first Easter

On the steam train getting ready to leave.

Dan and Matthew

Us in the front of the train

Matthew picking up his first Easter Egg!

Looking around after he picked it up

He was so excited about his egg and he played with it the rest of the day! I was surprised because I didn't think he would care about it :)

Mommy and Matthew

Matthew and the Easter Bunny after the egg hunt.

Matthew holding his egg with the Easter Bunny
For Easter this year we went back to Gig Harbor and spent it with my family, it was great to see everyone again because it had been so long since we were able to come back. On Saturday we went to Chehalis, Wa and went on a Easter Train ride, it was on an old steam train which was fun. After the train ride they had a huge egg hunt. We took Matthew out and fended off the crowds of people and managed to get him one egg. He was really happy with his one egg though. The eggs were gone in like 2 minutes, it was crazy. Then on Saturday night we went back to Mom and Dads and had a yummy pre-easter dinner together. On Sunday we had lunch and visited with the rest of the family. Then we made the long drive back to Pullman.

It was a great weekend and Matthew had so much fun on his first Easter! I think the next few years will keep getting better, as he begins to understand more about Easter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 Months

My Beautiful Baby is 9 months old! He is almost 18lbs and 28.5 inches long, He is very busy these days, playing, crawling all over and pulling himself up on everything he can find. He also has become very clingy to me (Mom) and cries if Dad has him and I'm in the room, however he cries if Dad leaves the room even though he wants to be with me... Silly boy thinks we both should be with him all the time.I love all the extra cuddles I have been getting though!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stay 'n' Play Preschool

Well we have been busy with the preschool lately, but I am happy to report that we have full enrollment for this summer and are starting a waiting list! It is really neat to see it all come together and be successful, I worked so hard at getting everything ready and licensed and it is finally paying off! Happy Days over here at Stay 'n' Play Preschool :)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lets go to the park!

Pullman has some great parks, one day after work we ate dinner quickly and took Matthew to one of the parks close to our house. It has been a long winter and it was a nice warm day finally. The following pictures document his reaction to the slide and swing at the park, a week or so later we took him to the park again between sessions of general conference and he loved watching the ducks (we don't have pictures of that trip).

He has no idea what is about to happen
Daddy started letting him slide down, you notice he is holding on tightly to the side of the slide, Chris then pried his hand free to continue down the slide slowly.
At the bottom of the slide - Poor kid
The swing went much better, he was smiling and laughing the whole time.
It is a little blurry, but he is just so stinkin' cute!
I love this picture drool and all, he is teething right now so he is drooling all the time.