Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiny Toes

Our sweet boy is 5 months old today! What a sweet boy, we love him so much.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Snow has definitely been the most recent theme in our world. It snowed in Pullman the day before we were suppose to drive to Gig Harbor, luckily that snow melted before we had to leave. But then the craziest thing happened because Gig Harbor got a bunch of snow Thanksgiving week, very strange for western Washington. I think it is very cool that Matthew's first Thanksgiving was a snowy one!
We had a great holiday, we spent the week staying with my Grandparents and a few nights with my parents. It was very fun to spend time with them and to watch them play with Matthew. Like I said before we had snow the week of Thanksgiving and if you are from Western Washington you know that snow shuts down everything, the whole area just slows down, so we had a few days of down time where we couldn't go anywhere safely so we just stayed put. One night there was a bad windstorm and it knocked the power out, and it was freezing cold outside, roads were terrible so we decided to stay with my parents because we were already there (we found out the next day that we couldn't have left anyways because a tree had fallen across the road and taken out the power line). That night was freezing cold in the house by the end of it- we wrapped Matthew up in a few blankets and put a Beanie on him and his poor cheeks were still cold. That was a very memorable night. On Thanksgiving Dan (Chris's Brother) came and spent a few days with us- we were very happy to be able to see him also! We had 2 dinners, my Mom made a dinner at their house that my Grandpa Byron (Mom's Dad) came to - he doesn't do well with big groups and people he doesn't know. Then later that day we went to my Grandparents (Dad's Parents) for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. It was a delicious dinner and great to see almost everyone there. Matthew got to spend time with his aunts, uncles, and cousins and I got to spend an evening relaxing while everyone else held him :) Then Friday we hit some black Friday sales and picked up a few deals on items we needed for the Daycare. We left on Saturday for Pullman geared up for a long snowy drive across the state, luckily most of the drive was great. about 1/4 of it was icy roads and heavy fog - we were very happy to be home by the end of that drive! Here are some pictures...
Matthew playing with his Grandpa on Thanksgiving

First time trying rice cereal

Sleeping with Daddy after his first hockey game, it was late and he managed to fall asleep despite all the noise!

4 months playing on his tummy

Matthew and his Uncle Dan after Thanksgiving Dinner