Thursday, February 19, 2009

If you would like an update.. here it is

Well life has been busy the last few months. We got a very bad virus on my computer and then Chris's computer broke so I have not had free roam of the internet for awhile. We have both computers back, thanks to my brother Jason! Chris has been super busy with school and work, but he is doing awesome in his classes and is registering for next quarter today or tomorrow. I am still kicking around or rather being kicked around at Kindercare. Hopefully I will be able to make a change soon. My parents and younger brother are on a nice trip in Washington DC this week and I have been dog sitting Polar and visiting with the kitty's this week. It has been lots of fun and my family is having a great time on their trip. Other than that we are looking forward to Dan and Susie's wedding and all the family that will be visiting in a few weeks. Seems like time is flying by so fast now days, it is crazy that it is almost March. Anyways I will try to get some current pictures up soon.