Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 15th, Matthew's Second 1st Birthday Celebration

Opening his birthday present from Grandma Appel
Panda from his Daycare Friends
My sweet boy
Birthday Treats
Poking the cake again :)
He finally got the smash it to pieces idea

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Great First Year!

Born July 15th 2010 at 8:02 am 

4 Months and trying cereal for the first time
5 Months and playing in his exersaucer

7 Months and Crawling

9 Months and totally cute!!

11 Months and Walking!

12 Months and cake covered!
We love our little man :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Steptoe Butte

We went up to Steptoe Butte yesterday after dinner with some close family friends. It was a beautiful day and there was not even any wind! Here are some pictures :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The 4th

I was so excited to be in Pullman for fireworks! Chris and I love the Pullman fireworks and had missed them when we moved. Before the fireworks they have a band, a BBQ, and many other things. It is such a great time and so much fun to go play in the park and listen to the music while waiting for fireworks. The firework show in Pullman is really one of the best I have seen, it is not huge like some that you will see in big cities. However in Pullman you get to be right under them (they are set off on the hill in the park), you have room to lay down and be comfortable, and they are set to music. It was good fun and if you are ever looking for a great place to spend the 4th we recommend it :) I put some pictures in of Matthew and Chris dancing at the park. If anyone knows any tricks to turn these picture please let me know!

Matthew's first Birthday Party!!

We celebrated Matthew's birthday on July 2nd (only 13 days early..) However by celebrating it early we were able to have a big party out at Mason Lake, my grandparents have a house out there that used to belong to my great grandparents and I spent many summer days there.
I spent a few days leading up to the party making favors and finding the perfect plates and decorations for his party. It was a lot of fun to plan, and everything came together really well I think. I forgot to take a picture of the favors I made :( which makes me sad because they turned out really cute. I made rice crispy treats and brownies and shaped them like Popsicles, put them on Popsicle sticks, and then dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them with fun sprinkles. I wrapped them in a treat bag and tied a ribbon around the stick and put a tag on it that said, "Thank you for coming, It's what should be said, But I can't so here's a "popsicle" instead."
Matthew loves the presents he got and really liked eating the cake of course. The party turned out great, and I think it was an excellent first birthday!
After the cake

The decorations

Matthew's first birthday cake, we think it turned out really cute. We had safeway make it because it was too hard to make it while traveling. We called and told them the toys we had to put on, and asked that they make him a cake with a dirt track. Then we added the cars, ribbons, and candles.

Safeway gives you a free baby cake when you order a first birthday cake through them, his got damaged in the box, but it still tasted good. He started by poking the cake and licking the frosting off his fingers... he did this for about 12 minutes :)

I finally cut the cake so that he could see there was something besides the frosting.

Digging in!

A June Wedding!

We were very excited to travel to Reno, NV to be with Chris's Sister as she was married and we welcomed another family member into the family. We closed the daycare early and headed up to the Spokane Airport, before we got on the plane we were able to spend some time with our friends who live in Spokane (the Roe's), they then drove us to the airport. Matthew did really great on the flight down to Reno, I was worried because he has not flown since he was 3 weeks old which is much different than 11 months, but I worried for nothing he did just fine.

We made it down there and were able to spend the weekend with lots of family, we stayed at The Nugget hotel in Reno. It was nice but they charge you for everything, their complimentary water was even $2.00... silly. Saturday morning Dan, Chris, Matthew and I went swimming in the hotel pool, then boys and girls split up. I went with all the girls and we got our hair and makeup done for the wedding, it was fun to spend the whole day helping Mandy get ready for her big day. Chris, Matthew, and the boys helped set up the reception.

The wedding turned out beautifully it was outside in a park and they all looked amazing! The reception was also a ton of fun with a candy bar, an awesome cake, and with a really good BBQ, and lots of games to play. Here are a few pictures of the happy new family! I am not sure why they came up sideways and at this point I don't know how to fix it, so just turn your computer, or lay down and look at them :)