Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 Months!

Matthew turned 11 months on the 15 of June, here are a few pictures from the day :)

Monday, June 06, 2011

So I Realize...

I have been noticing lately that everything I post here and on Facebook is about Matthew, there are very few times in the last year that I have posted about anything else. It is because my little Matthew has become my world, everything in my life revolves around him. What a lucky kid huh?
Of course there are many other things that we do on a daily basis. Chris is taking summer classes and has been doing very well in those. He is a trooper, he has been going to school with no breaks since he started and I know how hard he is working. In addition to school he comes home and helps me get through lunch with all the kids and start nap time. The middle of the day seems to be my crunch time, when I don't have enough hands to help everybody, it is also the time when both babies are ready for their bottles (it is hard to feed them both at one time..) He is also a wonderful Daddy to Matthew, our little boy loves him so much! He has started getting sad when Chris leaves for school in the morning, and when Chris gets home Matthew is in his arms before he even gets through the door. I love watching them play together. Chris has also been very busy getting ready to take the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test). This test is a big deal and will be a huge part of his acceptance into his Optometry program.
I have been busy running the daycare, trying to figure out how to keep up on the housework, and paperwork, while caring for all the children. I love having so many different ages here, but it does make the day somewhat challenging also. I love being able to be home with Matthew, and also having such a close relationship with the other children and their parents. It is much different than working in the daycare center, in that I really feel that I get to know the children and their families much better. I love that connection, because I really love the kids I care for and I think parents really can see that I care and enjoy my work. I feel like Heavenly father really did prepare me for this job, if I had not taken the path I had, this would be so much harder and more intimidating. All the schooling I have had and the different jobs I have had really gave me the experiences that I needed to become a good teacher and business owner. Some of the jobs I worked were not my ideal and I struggled to enjoy them because of various circumstances present in each one, but I can see how each one was necessary. Each job taught me an important lesson or skill which makes where I am now possible. It is very cool to see God's hand at work in my life, to see the result of so much frustration and hard work pay off, and really benefit me more than I could have imagined. He truly does know and love each of us.
I have to say that I love each and every day that I get to be Matthew's Mom. He lights up my world :) I also love that I have an amazing husband who I love more than words can say.
Now onto Matthew because I have to write about him! He is doing great, we have been having fun planning his first birthday, I am so excited for it :) He has walked across our living room, but he is not confident yet and so would rather crawl everywhere still. He is a silly kid and loves to crawl under tables and chairs, he loves to chase balls around, play with cars, and his recent love is putting things inside buckets ect.. I find many interesting items inside boxes now days.
That's all for now, we are busy and loving life as parents, business owners, and students.