Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matthew is 3 months! (on Friday the 15th)

I'm a little early but Chris and I were able to get some fun pictures of Matthew over the past week or so. He has really started to like being on his tummy, he also likes this funny toy well he likes chewing on the antennas.
3 month stats:
24 inches
12 pounds 5 ounces

 This is the funny toy, it is like an alien or something. He loves to put that antenna in his mouth (notice the blue ball in his mouth).

 Matthew really likes to chew on his arm (this is how he gave himself the hickey before).

 Tummy time for Chris and Matthew! 

 I think the flash startled him. He is getting really strong and can hold himself up for a long time!

Church Responds to HRC Petition

Church Responds to HRC Petition

This is a well written article by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about the church's position related to the recent bullying and humiliation of a young man that led to him committing suicide. They explain very well the LDS Position on same-sex relationships, it is very nice to have it written out so clearly. I have friends who are involved in such relationships and we talked about this very same position. We are still good friends but we each know where we stand on the matter, it did not change my love for her.

It is sad to see all the serious bullying that has been occurring. It breaks my heart that people feel they have the right to treat others so poorly, and that those being bullied feel so helpless and hopeless. I just wish that they would know that it does get better. People will forget mistakes and choices that you have made, life can be wonderful again!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Splash time Oh I mean Bath time!!

We have been having lots of fun watching Matthew grow. He is changing constantly and learning new things. This first picture is of him at about two and a half months on the couch and the second one is from the same day, before you look at it you should know that he has developed this habit of sucking on his arm or wrist when he is not sucking on his fists. Well on this day he managed to give himself his first hickey!
Bath TIME!! I love giving Matthew a bath lately, he just has so much fun kicking his feet and splashing. He has figured out that if he kicks both feet together it makes an even bigger splash. You might be able to see that sometimes he is trying so hard to kick and splash that he has to stick his tongue out. He also sticks his tongue out a little like that when he smiles. I also had to take the TP off its holder and move it to the other side of the bathroom because it gets very wet from all the splashing.

It has been fairly uneventful lately we have been spending lots of time studying (Chris and I'm helping him), and getting the daycare stuff done. I still have lots left to do, and the orientation is less than two weeks away! Hopefully we will be opening Stay 'n' Play Preschool and Home Daycare by January 2011. It would be nice to have an income again! Matthew will be 3 months next Friday so I should be posting some 3 month pictures soon!