Sunday, October 13, 2013

Been Awhile

It has been a long time since I last posted a blog. Life has been crazy and I honestly have not had the energy or motivation to do it. Below I will do a little update on each of us, I need to delete some old pictures so I can post more on here, so there are no pictures yet.

He turned 3 in July!
He loves playing at the park and still asks to go on hikes everyday (we did A LOT of hiking over the summer while Chris was home).
He loves reading books
He loves taking toys from EmmaLee
He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses
His reasoning skills are improving- the other day at dinner he told us he was not a giraffe, I asked how he knew he was not a giraffe, he said, "because I don't have spots or a reaaallly looooooong neck."
He loves friends- his friends consist of any child in his general area, they are really good friends if they look at him, talk to him, or play with him!
He loves his sister, he looks out for her and tries to keep her safe.
He is adorable and we love him!

Emma Lee:
She is 18 months this month.
She loves being outside running and playing
She is a great mimic to Matthew
She has a doll with a pacifier and a bottle and she love to bring it to me, sit on my lap, and then we feed the baby together. It is so sweet and I love it!
She loves milk
She can't have nuts - seems to prefer sunflower seed butter over soy nut butter, I want them to test her for allergies.
She is so playful and silly
She is stubborn and determined
She likes to go pee pee and poo poo in the potty (sometimes- usually in the morning and then not at all the rest of the day? I don't understand..)
She is adorable and we love her!

Is in his 2nd year of Optometry school- It is HARD, lots of classes, lots of memorization, lots of drugs and diseases to learn.
Enjoys going shooting (especially clay pigeon shooting) with his rifle and handgun, he doesn't get to do it as much as he would like.
Misses being home with the kids and I since school started.
Is more than ready to move on and start our life after school

Stephanie (me):
I am having fun with the kids
Trying to get more motivated to do my job here at the apartments (I am going through a slump, it is hard having so many different jobs that are demanding 24/7)
Finally figured out how to get some time to take care of myself!!! This is huge for me, I joined a gym with childcare, so I get to go workout and the kids get to play. I need this time to myself which is hard for me, but I am a better mommy and wife when I get a break during the day, and when I get to improve my health and fitness level, hopefully I will start feeling better about myself - it is going to take some hard work to undo the last 3.5 years.