Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Update in Pictures

I have been super busy and so I will give a quick update with some pictures.

We went to the Zoo!

Put Matthew to work

watched some penguins swim

played at the park

had fun smiling!

and playing together!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Emma Lee's Blessing

We blessed our sweet Emma Lee on Sunday May 6th 2012
Her father gave her the blessing,
and he was joined by:
Daniel A. (Uncle)
John S. (Friend)
Clifton W. (Great Grandpa)
Brent C. (Friend)
Tim R. (Friend)
and the
Stake President
(I may have missed someone I will confirm with Chris and remove this comment when it is correct.)

She was blessed with the following:
1. To be strong and healthy
2. Righteous
3. Strong desire to do the will of thy Father
4. To be strong against Satan's influence
5. The faith and strength to make the right choice for an eternal companion
6. With health and strength
7. To be able to finish school and get a good education
8. success in all you do (she does)
9. To be able to use the strength and faith of her family when times are hard

We had dinner after at our place and visited with friends and family. It was a great day, we love being able to spend so much time with family and good friends.

Here are some pictures we took after the blessing

Emma with Great Grandma

With her Great Grandparents

My sweet Emma Lee in her blessing dress

Our family

Dan, Linda, Chris, and Matthew

My baby girl and I

Matthew loves playing with his Uncle Dan!

Pulling Uncle Dan in the wagon

Grandma Linda and Emma Lee

Beautiful Baby

Travis, Emma, Liz, Kenzie, and Tim

Emma and Liz


Chris graduated from Washington State University on Saturday! This is our halfway mark in his schooling so a very big deal. I am so proud of him, 4 years of school completed, and graduating Cum Laude is a great accomplishment. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Chris joins the many cougar alumni in our family now: His mom Linda, his brother Dan, me, my dad Mark, and my uncle Brad.