Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year

Well, I am a little behind and do not have any pictures to post for Christmas yet. We did have a very good Christmas. There was a Lot of snow in Gig Harbor for Christmas this year and the whole week before! Everything slows or even stops when we get snow in this area. I ended up with half days at work if I was lucky from the first day of Snow until the this past Monday. It was a nice break, unfourtunatly loosing more than half my income for 3 and 1/2 weeks is a little stressful and we have been holding our breath and hoping to make all our bills this month. We had fun in the snow, I think it is very beautiful. This was my 2nd white Christmas in a row, which is really cool because last year was my first white Christmas.

Anyways enough about the snow for now. Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house and had a nice family dinner. It was a very nice evening and my mom made some really yummy ham with raisin sauce. On Christmas Eve Chris and I each opened one gift, I got him the Christmas movie set that has Rudolf, Frosty and all the other classics. I got a pair of really warm socks (I like to get new socks... it may seem silly but it is true). We watched a Christmas movie (I fell asleep) and then went to bed. Christmas we got up and opened presents from Chris' side of the family and greatly enjoyed everything which was so thoughtfully given to us. Thank you to everyone! I finally got to give chris his present which was a nice new Hiking Pack, so that we can go hiking this summer. Chris got me a wonderful gift and what I REALLY wanted, A Membership to the YMCA so that I (we) can go swim and work out.

The holidays were great we had a lot of fun and were able to spend time with eachother. I had a lot of time off of work between the snow and the holidays so I got a nice little vacation. Now it is on with the new year to see where it leads us. Our schedule so far has been full of weddings and baby showers. With many more coming up in the near future. Chris is doing well in school, but is very busy between school and work. I now have to find ways to keep myself busy when he is doing homework. Hope all is well with everyone!