Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BYOP Party- The Big Night

Well, on Saturday we finally had our big party. We spent Friday night in the Emergency room waiting to hear about my grandpa. It turned out to be a minor stroke, he seems fine, but we are waiting on some more tests. We were sad that him and my grandma could not make it to our party, however we were very happy that he is doing very well. Saturday was a very busy day, we went to the Seattle Temple in the morning and then we came home and cleaned and got everything ready for the party. My parents were a very big help, and everything came together well. Many people showed up, carved/painted pumpkins, decorated sugar cookies and cupcakes, and visited. Below are some pictures from the party. We are thinking of making this an annual party.

This is the pumpkin I carved, it took a really long time. I think it turned out very well though.

Here is Chris watching "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

The decorating table

Ammon and Heather with their pumpkin masterpieces

It is a party

Richard and Becky with their pumpkin

Kayla and her painted pumpkin

I like this picture... pumpkin heads!
It was such a fun night. Thanks to everyone who came and had fun with us. To those who missed it hopefully you will have another chance next year.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

BYOP Party!

You may wonder, "What is a BYOP party?" Well, I will tell you it is a Bring Your Own Pumpkin party. Chris and I are excited to be throwing a pre-Halloween party for friends and family. We will be doing pumpkin carving, or painting. Eating pumpkin bread and yummy treats. We are going make sugar cookies and maybe even award prizes to those who deserve them. We went to Wal-Mart yesterday before our dinner with Father Jim and got some fun decorations and supplies for the party. We will take lots of pictures and I'm sure we will have some fun stories to tell!

The dinner went well last night. I am sorry to report that he is feeling like he is a nuisance at our ward because he cannot get his questions answered. It makes me sad that we as church member can make others feel badly like that. He knows a lot about the bible which makes sense since he was a Catholic Minister for many years and went through Eight Years of schooling to do so. One of the problems that he is having is that we as members are not always the best speakers. To which my response is that it is just members who get up and talk, most are not trained public speakers. His next question was "well then why doesn't your church offer a class to help the members improve their speaking skills?" What a good idea! We talked a lot about the differences in beliefs between Mormon Doctrine and Catholic Doctrine. It was good conversation, no arguments, no bashing or unkind picking apart of doctrine. I learned a lot and was able to share some of what I believe, it was a wonderful opportunity. I am very thankful for it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Update

So it is October 1st 2008... We are still having lots of fun, waiting to see what life will bring. In the near future we have the following items to look forward to:
1. Making a trip to the dump
2. Laundry/dishes ect..
3. General Conference on Saturday and Sunday!
4. We are going to dinner at Father Jim's house on Saturday. He is an investigator at our church and was a catholic preacher for a very long time. It should be an interesting dinner, I hope it goes well.
5. Finishing/Starting Christmas presents.
6. Finishing my Halloween projects
7. Teaching the Valient 12 class at church
8. Cleaning the house (it is never-ending)
9. Fixing and selling the Jetta
10. Trying to get out of our cell phone contract
11. Waiting for some new babies.. (Baby Maverick due to come soon! Congrats to Tim and Liz)
12. Work, Work, Work...
13. Getting pictures taken for Christmas cards

That is a little list of how we keep busy. We also are watching the Band of Brothers series (Chris got it for his birthday), and Back to the Future (Chris bought the box set for his birthday). Cooper has a few new toys that my mom bought for him, he is a spoiled grandpuppy. We hope all is well with everyone else.