Saturday, January 26, 2013


I know I have been slacking on my blog posting but I have just been so overwhelmed with everything else I have to do. Things are starting to slow down a little bit, I just have to get the last little bit of stuff put away and fold the huge pile of clean laundry, then our little apartment will feel much better.

We are adjusting to our new home and routine. The kids are both learning so much lately. Emma is almost walking, she takes a few steps and then sits down right now, but for 9 months that is still impressive.

We sold the Pathfinder we had and our trailer and used that money plus our tax return to buy a Ford Freestyle outright. It is great to have a larger more versatile vehicle and NO car payment on it, I will be so excited once we have the title in hand (the DMV has to process it still). We also bought a washer and dryer (new to us), and I found a bike trailer on craigslist (then found out it SMELLED HORRIBLE), and then found a used bike at a bike co-op (we are in Oregon you know). There is a great bike trail by our house and the kids and I are going to start riding it so I can get another form of exercise in during the week. Quite a few big purchases, hopefully we are almost done with those.

Although next on the list is health insurance for me, I have found a few plans that might be worth the money, we just need to make sure we can really afford the extra every month until we get the corolla paid off (only 2300 more dollars and we are car payment free!). That car has the best interest, and right now we wouldn't qualify for rates that low, so we have never paid much more than the monthly payment on it.

That is where we are at. I love my kids, the job is going well, and it is time to get these kids ready for bed!

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